Policies regarding Data Collection and Privacy

Our Privacy Policy and Third-Parties

Weeno, an open-source initiative is not engaged in the business of collecting data for sales to so-called associates or third-parties. We find the practice of selling personal data contrary to the public nature of the Internet. Our non-profit initiative views the Internet as a deep and broad public venue for knowledge sharing, virtual experiences and life-serving applications. We believe that an individuals' data is owned by that one particular individual--and not another individual nor an institution or corporation. Therefore, in plain terms Weeno avoids collecting personal data; moreover, we don't distribute personal data for revenue. `

    Mailing List and Other Data

    If you select to join the Weeno pre-release mailing list, we encourage you to provide only information that you feel comfortable with the knowledge that it will be seen by anyone. As stated in the list's associated text, email is the minimum required points of data for joining our list--simply so listserv can send you email. We use this list to email you news about the release of forthcoming releases. `

    We selected Google groups to host our listserv since Google requires the least amount of personal information to join. Google asks for email only, rather than firstname, lastname, birthdate and so on. We believe Google groups sign-on best reflects our attitude toward collecting personal information. `

    Anyone offering real-world and unique experiences offered on the Weeno listserv, forum, blog or board is done without warranty. Bear in mind that personal identifying data, such as a real first and last name need not and possibly should not accompany such qualitative opinions. You are the best protector of your own identity. `