Weeno applications


Weeno is ideal if not perfect for corporations. Corporations have shied away from open source, because of fears of the 'viral' nature of open-source. These fears are unfounded with source and object code released under the Lesser GPL or Library GPL (LGPL) . Under the LGPL, corporations can utilize the Weeno library without having to share their proprietary code with others. Of course, corporations are encouraged to lend their particular libraries to the project but have no legal obligation to return. Corporations only fortify their public image by giving back to the project. `

Weeno can then simply be utilized for its competitive advantages: simplicity, portability, completeness, robustness. In sum, a corporation can reduce time to market, focus on high level functionality, enjoy vendor neutrality (without using ARM), and so forth. `

Companies are encouraged to share their feasibility studies on Weeno in their workplace, whether positive or negative results. `