Weeno applications

Academic institutions

Weeno is perfect tool for students new to electronics, following in the direction of Wiring, Arduino and its graphical grand-father, Processing. Weeno is simple and immediately useful. Its high-level API is readily digestible; therefore, students have no need to tuck into complex issues in order to make a functional electronic device. Weeno builds upon Wiring and Arduino's encapsulated form that keeps the low-level complexity under the covers--for the beginners. That being said, its open-source nature allows expert users full access to its inner guts. In all, Weeno, Wiring and Arduino are perfect for scaling into electronics at a logical intuitive pace. `

    R&D institutions

    Weeno is great for R&D because of its simplicity, portability and completeness. Prototyping is facilitated because of the aforementioned encapsulated interface. The Weeno library is generally complete and growing all the time, due to the sharing nature of its userbase. Exploration is thereby increased. Furthermore, a prototype can be quickly ported to a second or third MCU architecture. The end result is an inexpensive, portable solution for prototyping that may lead into to increased exploration and possible path to production. `