Weeno Applications

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Wiring and Arduino has a keen DIY following for obvious reasons: the pin-number concept is sensible; the code is easy to read, darn poetic in some cases; the associated instructions are equally clear and concise; the project is open-source and thus friendly to enthusiastic membership. Heck, the two are incredible. `

Weeno is the next step in electronics for the DIY enthusiast. The micro-controller is not restricted to ATMega, AVR or even Atmel. That funny java environment and .pde idea is replaced with a standard editor (Emacs, VIM, etc) and Makefile, or a user's favorite IDE. The user can port from Atmel to Silabs to Freescale and not waste his or her hard programming work. The hardware is common-off-the-shelf eval or demo kits from the vendor. `

Weeno is made for the DIY enthusiast. `